Living in California with Asthma? Three Tips for Staying Safe During Wildfire Season

California is burning, spreading its smoke all across the western U.S., and reaching as far as Kansas. The fires have caused innumerable damage–from deaths to the destruction of thousands of homes. 

But they also come with significant risk if you’re one of the 25 million Americans suffering from asthma. Multiple studies show that hospital admissions for asthma are up 10% in the impacted areas.

If you have asthma and are in range of the fires, here’s what you need to know to stay safe:

#1: Mail your inhaler straight to your door.

You’ll need your inhaler in these tough times, but you don’t need to step outside to get it. At Honeybee Health, you can order an inhaler (Advair) online to be delivered straight to your door. That means no stepping outside into the smoke. No waiting in line at a chain drug store at an increased risk of COVID-19. And–when you shop with us–no need for insurance.

#2: Wear a mask with a high level of filtration

These days, a mask can do double-duty by protecting you against COVID-19 and poor air quality. If you suffer from asthma and need to go outside when there is smoke, the CDC recommends choosing a “particulate respirator.” In this situation, do not rely on a cloth mask.

#3: Close the windows!

Want to let in the breeze? When there’s a wildfire raging outside, opening the window will, unfortunately, just let in smoke and pose danger to your respiratory system. We know it’s a tall order but please, keep those windows closed. 

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Jessica Nouhavandi