Online Pharmacy Honeybee Health Now Selling Affordable Generic Rx in Mich. Without Need for Insurance


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Honeybee Health’s services bring relief to the tens of thousands of Michigan residents who lost employer-provided healthcare in the wake of COVID-19

CULVER CITY, CALIF. — After a rigorous review, the Michigan Board of Pharmacy has issued a license to online pharmacy Honeybee Health, allowing residents of the state to order high-quality, affordable generic prescription medications without the need for insurance. This news comes as millions of Americans nationwide lose their jobs and employer-provided health insurance, including in Michigan where the unemployment rate recently increased to 7.5 percent, an all-time high. 

Honeybee Health is a HIPAA-accredited online pharmacy that carries more than 6,000 different generic drugs and provides the most affordable medications to the un- or underinsured. Honeybee Health also allows customers to choose their preferred generic manufacturers,  providing information about each manufacturer and details for each pill such as color, shape, and inactive ingredients. This level of information, along with price, is intended to empower customers with knowledge so that they can buy their preferred manufacturer of a given prescription medication. 

With the new addition of Michigan, Honeybee Health is licensed to operate in 44 states. Because Honeybee is a home delivery pharmacy, medication arrives right to customers’ doors.

“Generic prescription medications aren’t actually expensive and don’t require insurance for purchase, but Michigan residents haven’t been able to access them at a fair price until now,” said Dr. Jessica Nouhavandi, lead pharmacist, co-founder, and co-CEO of Honeybee Health. “We’re proud to be offering our services in Michigan and feel we’re arriving at a critical moment. Across America, COVID-19 is stripping people of their employer-provided healthcare and leaving them without a way to get necessary medications that treat conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, type 2 diabetes, and more. In these tough times, we’re dedicated to helping the people of Michigan make sure they get safe access to the medications they need.”

Honeybee Health does not accept insurance and is often able to offer customers prices lower than most copays or coinsurance. For example, through Honeybee Health, the annual cost of the generic of Lipitor (atorvastatin) is around $84. A person paying out of pocket is estimated to pay $1,101 annually for the exact same medication (data based on the average retail price of atorvastatin). 

The fair prices are possible because Honeybee Health purchases medication directly from wholesale distributors. Working outside the traditional confines of health insurance means Honeybee Health can find the lowest prices for every drug and then sell directly to consumers. This eliminates the multiple layers of companies, pharmacy benefit managers, and others that significantly inflate prices to produce their individual profits. This also allows the unprecedented level of choice Honeybee Health brings to customers by empowering them to buy their preferred generic manufacturer. 

Even before COVID-19, millions of Americans have been unable to afford their medications, despite the fact that nine out of 10 prescriptions in the United States are for generics. These medications treat major, chronic illnesses in the United States like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and others. 

Honeybee Health is listed in every electronic prescription system used in the United States. Customers can simply have their doctor select Honeybee Health to have the prescription filled or they can have the prescription transferred to Honeybee Health, just as they would when changing pharmacies. In addition to providing more than 6,000 prescription medications, Honeybee Health also sells premium supplements such as B complex, CoQ-10multi-mineral, multi-vitamin, vitamin C, and two different doses of vitamin D3

Honeybee Health was founded in 2017 by Dr. Jessica Nouhavandi and Peter Wang.  For more about Honeybee Health, visit, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Honeybee Health is an online pharmacy that provides generic prescription medications without the need for insurance and allows customers to choose their preferred generic manufacturer. We buy from FDA-approved, U.S. wholesalers and cut out the middlemen—like insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers—to offer generic medications up to 80 percent less than what traditional pharmacies charge. Honeybee Health currently operates in 44 states and territories and serves tens of thousands of customers nationwide. For more about Honeybee Health, visit, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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