Your Honeybee Team

A family of pharmacists and technicians

Honeybee is a membership pharmacy community and our love for our clients starts with our team. We may be on this side of the counter, but we're no different than you. We want to save money, have good health and smiles on our faces. So we're here for you, our mission is simply to help you live better.  

"The best part of our job? The people we help."

Peter Wang


Dr. Jessica Nouhavandi


We ARE...

A Real Pharmacy

We're a real family of pharmacist & technicians with 30+ years of experience, here to help you.   

Truly transparent

We control our own inventory, buy direct & pass the wholesale savings onto you.

Member focused

Your health, your savings and convenience is our focus every day. We're here for you.

We are NOT...

Another discount coupon company

Posting prices negotiated by middlemen administrators.


No we're not Canadian! We're from beautiful California! Just as nice, but tanner :-)

Profit driven

Our prices are low because we’re supported by membership, not markup.

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