Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate (Pediapred)

10 Tablets, 20 mg

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Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate
A powerful steroid anti inflammatory and an immunosuppressant used to treat different conditions such as allergies, inflammation, arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, and breathing issues.


FAQ's regarding the specific Medication

IMPORTANT: The FAQ answers below do NOT contain all the information about this particular drug. These answers are not substitutes for a medication guide, pharmacist consultation or the advice of your health care professional. For the official medication guide or further questions please call our pharmacists at 1-833-466-3979.

hat are the most common side effects of using Prednisolone?

  • Common side effects of short term Prednisolone use include nausea, vomiting, heartburn, indigestion, insomnia, and restlessness.
  • Long term side effects include hair growth, irregular menstruation, ulcers, weakened bones, weight gain, muscle pain, and increased infection due to suppressed immune system.

Is Prednisolone for kids only?

  • No. Prednisolone can be used in kids or adults

Prednisolone vs Prednisone

  • These two drug share very similar indications, side effect profile and efficacy. One major difference is that Prednisone is activate in the liver to its active form Prednisolone.

Where can I find more information about Prednisolone?

  • For full medication guide go here.

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