Ordering - FAQs

  1. Okay, I signed up, submitted my cart, now what?
    • You can relax, we’ll take it from here.
    • We’ll contact your doctor or current pharmacy and get your prescriptions transferred in. Your meds are then filled and shipped.
    • Going forward, you will receive our auto-refill service so your prescriptions will come to you without delay.
  2. Do I need to get new prescriptions to join you?

    • Nope. If you still have refills on your prescriptions, we can get them from your current pharmacy.
    • If no refills, we’ll call your doctor for more.
  3. Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?

    • If you need to make changes to or cancel your order, please contact us right away at 833-466-3979.

    • Orders cannot be cancelled once shipped.

  4. How long does it take to get my prescriptions?

    • Once you have placed your order, it usually takes 2 weeks to get your first shipment of medicine.

    • Your refills will come automatically at least 1 week before your last dose.

  5. What if I have different doctors for different prescriptions?
    • No problem, we’ll review your order and sort it out, if we run into any issues we’ll contact you right away.
  6. I have a prescription in hand, can I mail it to you?
    • We do not accept mailed in prescriptions. We only accept electronic or faxed in prescriptions directly from your prescriber.
  7. Can I still use my insurance to pay for my meds?
    • Sorry, we do not accept insurance.
  8. What do I need to buy from Honeybee?

    • All you need is a valid email, credit card, your contact and health related information (doctor, pharmacy, allergies).

    • You also need a valid prescription from a US based doctor/prescriber for all prescription medications.

    • Sign up takes less than 5 minutes!